Graduates of the Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Training Program have completed coursework that focuses on the Holistic approach to achieving balanced health and wellness in all areas of life.

The Graduates have received a complete step-by-step Coaching model to seamlessly run coaching sessions saving you time and money.  

Graduates of this program are provided with assessments, resources and templates to move you toward your health and wellness goals faster with grace and ease.

In addition to the coursework, they have completed hands-on coaching fieldwork where they have coached REAL clients through the coaching process for building holistic health and wellness from the inside out.  This work was verified and assessed.

2020 Graduates

T'Quylla Thompson

Zineb Soulami Saadallah

Laura Gori

Jerika Huertas

Yvette Redmond

Gunn Helene Arsky

Aisling Plunkett

Marí Stebbing

Fahad Saeed AlBeyahi

Yi-Chen Cheng

Consuelo Rosado

Maria Valentina Abad

Manjari Singh

Jessica Haynes

Suzanne Harlow 

Maria Bonita Welsh

Marte Grahl

Pamela Johnson

Nana Golden

 2021 Graduates

Omolara J. Kolawole

Shawna Cale

Loh Yong Seng

Thuy Duong Tran

Brenda Enid Ortiz Sanchez

Marwa Ahmed

Robert Lloyd-Evans

Sofia Moskal

Claire Davey

Svetlana Kokalarova

Victoria Barbenza

Dana Bagnall 

María José Orozco

Pratiksha Priyadarshini

Ana Belén Alcázar Sánchez

Lisa Leach

Kjuana Diggs

Swati Kataria

Adriana Tuluca-Marina

Takudzwa Norest Muzonzini

Marion Karam 

Ferzya Farhan

Nanci Wallace




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