I have already gone through coach training and I am a practicing Coach.  I only want to be included in your Coach Directory.  I have heard that you provide free marketing and promotion giving the listed coaches a lot of exposure to potential clients.  How do I get listed in your coach directory?

We get this question often but the Coach Directory is reserved for people who have completed the specific Coaching Training for that listing and have completed Level 2 Accreditation which verifies competency using the coaching session guides. 

We understand that the benefits of being listed in any of our Coach Directories far outweigh the cost.  However, as an IAOCWC.Org Accredited Coaching Training Provider, we must adhere to the IAOCWC.Org standards.  For entry into one of our Coaching Directories, a Coach must go through the accreditation process and be verified for competency using the session guides.  

The total cost for entry into ONE coaching Directory is either a $199 U.S.D. one-time fee (keep reading to learn more) or $1791 U.S.D. and is broken down as follows:

  1. $995 U.S.D. Right of Use Fee:  This gives you permission to use our Proprietary Coaching Session Guides to coach clients.  This is not a licensing fee and you do not have permission to teach or train others to become coaches and use the session guides.
  2. $199 U.S.D. Accreditation Fee: This is a one-time fee to review your completed hands-on coaching fieldwork which assesses your competency in using our Proprietary Coaching Session Guides.  
  3. $99 U.S.D.  Certification Fee:  This is a one-time one-issue fee to create your individualized certificate of completion that displays your certification designation verifying your completion of accreditation.  Additional Certificates are extra.  
  4. $199 U.S.D. Coach Directory Fee:  This is a one-time one-listing fee to add your first and last name to your chosen coach directory.
  5. $299 U.S.D Mastermind Membership Fee:  This is a one-time fee for ongoing coaching training to keep your certification current. The total cost for entry into ONE coaching Directory is $1791 U.S.D. 

If you are interested, please complete the form with your details or keep reading to learn about the $199 U.S.D. option.  

$1791 U.S.D Option


If you are on a tight budget and investing $1791 U.S.D. is not a current option for you, you may consider enrolling in one of our Accredited Coach Training Programs.

Affordably priced, for a one-time fee of only $199 U.S.D., you simply complete the Level 2 Accreditation requirements and receive all of the $1791 benefits. 


I really enjoyed this course. It was easy to follow and because I could go at my own pace without feeling pressured. Wealth of information that coincided with principles I was already using. Looking forward to taking my next course shortly!

Udemy Student Testimonial for the Holistic Financial Planning Coaching Program  

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